Three services that can help keep your machines in peak condition...


Fold Roller Recovery & Regrinding

Recover your Baum, MBO*, O&M and Stahl rollers at almost half the price of purchasing new rollers. Three durometers of urethane to choose from to ensure the best performance for the stocks that your shop runs.

Regrinding available for MBO spiral rollers. Regrinding eliminates worn spots and brings new material to the surface. *MSI offers recovery options in some cases, in addition to the standard regrinding process for MBO rollers.

MSI's roller recovery house uses a special process which straightens and cleans rollers in addition to recovering and regrinding. This ensures that each roller runs true and works to its optimal performance.

Ask us about converting your Baum steel rollers to combination rollers with alternating steel and urethane bands.

MSI Auto Renewal Programs

We offer these unique AUTO RENEWAL PROGRAMS because we know how busy you are.


Protect your investment and lessen your downtime. Eliminate the need for remembering when to replace your folder’s grease cartridges, tapes & belts, and never again run out of slitters, perforators or scores right when that important job is scheduled.


Fight the #1 cause of equipment failure with our grease cartridge Auto Renewal Program for your Stahl and Baum folders:

Newer Stahl and Baum folding machines use self lubricating cartridges as their source of grease. Replace them one to two times per year to ensure your folder gets the consistent lubrication it requires. Available in 6 and 12 month cartridges. Sign up for MSI's Automatic Renewal Program and we'll send new cartridges to your door at pre-determined intervals--at no additional charge! You can install them yourself, or have  MSI do it for you*. No hassle! No forgetting! Call us for more info. *Billable at current labor rates.


Slitter, Perf and Score Blades Auto Renewal Program for all makes and models of folding machines:

Order in bulk for discounts off of our already low prices, or let us do the thinking for you! We’ll send you a pre-determined number of blades at your requested intervals, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your inventory stocked.

Equipment Repair Service

With over 40 years experience, your machines are in good hands with MSI bindery equipment repair service. Specializing in electrical as well as mechanical troubleshooting.  Factory trained on Baumfolder, MBO and Stahl.   Services offered:

  • Equipment repair & troubleshooting

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Operator Instruction

  • Rebuild estimates

For more information call (845) 897-2688