These are just a few of the accessories you will find at MSI.

Moll Counters - Reliable, affordable counters for the printing and binding industry. These counters are available in several different models and they offer the utmost reliability.

Rotocrease Scoring Units - If you are looking for a press quality channel score right from your folding machine, the Rotocrease can deliver!  Unit slides onto the plate rails in the parallel section to accommodate scoring then work is folded in the right angle unit.

Hydra Score Wet Score System - With three models available, there is one to meet your specific needs. Great for scoring stock that is against the grain, as well as heavier coated stock.

Cutting sticks, knives, guards, magnetic clamp pads - Just about any accessory you need for your cutters, for all makes and models.

Wrenches - Hex keys, ball end keys, T-handle allen wrenches, available in a variety of sizes, both Metric and American.

Pump Filters- Available for most makes of folding machines.

Machine Lubrication- We sell a variety of grease guns and oil cans as well as the grease cartridges used on Baum  and Stahl folding machines.