Check Out MSI's Folding Tip Of The Month!

Check Out MSI's Folding Tip Of The Month!

This tip is aimed at Baumfolder models and others that use tape spools, and register tapes to run the sheets down to the fold plates. Stay tuned for tips on MBO, stahl and Vijuk folder operation.

How much tension should be applied to the register tapes on my Baum folder?

The answer is, just enough to keep the tapes in place!
There is a tendency to over tighten the tape spools which are designed to keep the register tape pressure just snug. More pressure will not help the paper track better, but will cause premature wear of the tape roll, bushings and tapes themselves.

Also, the wide tape under the marble holder is designed to angle in closer to the guide as it gets near the rollers. This helps the sheet register correctly and fold straight. Just be sure that the tape does not rub against the guide, or it will fray. This can cause registering problems due to the sheet catching as it travels down the table.

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Kits include one set of register tapes, tape spools, and spool studs.

We hope this helps make your day a little easier :-)
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